The Finman Advantage

  • Transparency in operations
    At Finman, we walk that extra mile to understand your business as well as you do, so we can select the right candidates to advocate your work culture and propel your vision. We put our clients before us and every action we initiate, right from scheduling calls, to short-listing candidates is triggered by your preferences.

  • High Level Of Refinement
    One of the reasons we do repeated business with our clients is that we help them save time by offering end-to-end solutions. Our team of professional’s shortlists those candidates for interviews who meet every aspect of the requirements shared.

  • Flexible Fee Options
    We have developed a hybrid model of fees pegged to deliverables to reflect our commitment to transparency and our dedication to building long-term relationships rather than fulfilling short-term goals.

  • Levels Of Hire
    Our experienced team of search professionals, consultants, advisors and partners are all dedicated to one purpose – helping clients with senior management hires. Our combination of expertise, experience and strong network allow us to serve your hiring requirement with the highest degree of professionalism.

  • Reference Checks
    This is a critical part of the search process. Most interviews only scratch the surface of a candidate’s true nature. Our close ties with the industry and our strong local network enable us to gain detailed insights about the candidates in the most discreet ways possible. Our reference check not only screens the past but helps identify areas that the client should focus on with the new hire.

  • Long-Term Relationships
    At Finman, the only way we have taught ourselves to do business is with integrity, commitment and an unwavering effort to maintain the highest level of transparency in everything we do. Our engagement with the client’s senior management team facilitates a partnership for future hiring needs. Our exclusivity and our dedication to long-term relationships ensure us continued business from our clients.